Analyst: Halo 3 to sell $200 Million on release day?

While Microsoft is shooting for a cool $155 Million first day haul for its upcoming monster hit Halo 3, Lazard Capital Market's Colin Sebastian thinks otherwise. He believes Microsoft's estimate is "conservative" and that Halo 3 has the potential to easily pass $200 Million "within hours" on the first day of sales. Whether or not that happens of course we won't know until September 25th.

Needless to say, after Halo 2's $125 Million launch, expectations are running high for Halo 3 and Microsoft expects the game to push a lot of Xbox 360's out the door. Just in time for the holiday season naturally. With Xbox 360 games by default at $60 US price wise, $200 Million in first day sales doesn't seem so far fetched actually. Not to mention those who will wind up buying the Legendary edition and Limited editions.

I know I want that neato Spartan helmet!

View: Original story @ Kotaku

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