Android Device Manager now live; lets you find or erase your device

Google has now enabled the Android Device Manager service that we reported on almost a week ago

As announced on the official Android G+ site, the Device Manager will be available when a user is signed into his or her Google Account. If the device is lost, activating the Device Manager will cause any Android device to ring at its loudest volume, even if the smartphone or tablet has been set to silent mode. If the device is out of the range, he or she can still attempt to find the it via Google Maps in real time, such as in the screenshot above.

If you're unlucky enough to have had your Android device stolen, or is completely out of reach forever, Android Device Manager will also allow the owner to erase all data from the device remotely, however to be able to wipe, the Android device must first be setup on the Android Device Manager service.

This brings Android in line with Windows Phone and iOS which have had a similar service for quite some time, and makes it that much easier for people to find or manage their misplaced or stolen devices.

All we need now is a proper kill switch so thieves can never benefit from theft.

Update: Due to some comments about the service not working.. Ensure GPS is enabled on your Android and that you are signed into Google to use this service, there should be a link to setup your device(s) under the last or current location panel; it's also possible that this hasn't rolled out to all countries yet.

Source: Android on G+ via Lifehacker | Image via Google

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