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Ask Slashdot: Why Does Everyone Hate Microsoft?

Over at ask.slashdot.org a member has posted the burning question to slashdot users "Why Does Everyone Hate Microsoft?"

MrSplog asks: "I'm doing a short project on Microsoft and its impact on society. A considerable part of this project has been looking into people's perceptions of Microsoft and the heavily negative bias of that perception. Since Slashdot is one of the world's forefront leaders on Microsoft hatred, I wanted to know: just why do you hate Microsoft? Please be as descriptive and as thorough as you like. Counter arguments and positive comments are also appreciated."

The comments range from one member stating "Oh, I don't *hate* Microsoft. In fact, I have friends who work there and have made money off of Microsoft stock." to others complaining about their move into the "shoddy hardware market" and how bad their OS is (of course).

Slashdot is well known for their support of open source and all things nerdy, their slogan is "News for Nerds, Stuff that matters" and I can vouch for that, Neowin has been hit up a few times by the crowd over there for our coverage on Windows, meaning they can't hate it all that much, right?

As far as Neowin users are concerned, while happy with our vast Windows community we also have dedicated *nix and Macintosh users who frequent here and they seem united in their "hatred" for the RIAA (see our Poll in the sidemenu). Well over two thirds of the vote go that way, with Microsoft in 4th place as the most disliked.

Piracy came in last and 5th place, with only 89 Microsoft employees caring to vote.

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