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Remove Windows 11 ads with this simple free app

OFGB app for Windows 11

There are no signs of Microsoft backing down on injecting more ads into Windows 11. If the recent changes, like app ads in the Start menu, are getting under your skin and going back to Windows 10 is not an option, third-party apps and tweakers could make your Windows 11 experience less frustrating.

OFGB, which stands for Oh F**k Go Back, is a new app that aims to give its customers a simple, easy-to-use method to turn off ads in Windows 11. OFGB uses Windows Registry to turn off ads across the operating system. Those include the following:

  • File Explorer Ads
  • Lock Screen Tips and Ads
  • Settings Ads
  • General Tips and Ads
  • "Finish Setup" Ads
  • "Welcome Experience" Ads
  • Personalized Ads
  • "Tailored Experiences"
  • Start menu Ads

Ticking all the boxes is all it takes to turn off that nastiness. That is the appeal of the utility with its non-PG-13 name. Interestingly, OFGB was made by an Arch Linux user, and in an interview with Tom's Hardware, she backed the widespread discontent with the ever-increasing number of ads in a premium product.

Windows lost me a long time ago by adding more and more telemetry, ads, and the lack of easily configurable options. As soon as the last few programs that I just can't get away from are running right under Wine or Proton I plan to ditch it completely.

It is worth noting that OFGB is not the only app that can automate Windows Registry edits for ad removal. Wintoys, the app that recently received a big update, can also get rid of some of Windows 11's annoyances. Also, the maker of Tiny11 Builder says future updates will make it possible to build custom Windows 11 images with fewer ads:

However, if you need a simple, basic app to make Windows 11 cleaner, OFGB looks like a good choice. Just keep in mind that the safest option, even when dealing with open-source or harmless apps, is to tweak the Windows Registry manually or use the operating system as is. It looks like plenty of people do not want to deal with Windows 11's current state of affairs as indicated by its decreasing market share.

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