Bing showing up when people log out of Facebook

There are some people who stay logged into their Facebook account and never log off but there are some folks, for a number of reasons, who do decide to sign out of Facebook after using it. Now it looks like when some of them do exactly that, they will be greeted with what is basically a big ad for Bing.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook started this new feature earlier this week. Some people who log out will see a recreation of the home page with a working search bar. Microsoft is an investor in Facebook and its Bing search engine is used by Facebook.

This new logout ad space is a new way for Facebook to get some new revenue. The company points out that 37 million people in the US sign out of Facebook every day with a whopping 105 million doing the same every month, which means lots of people check out the logoff page. Other companies will be able to purchase ad space on Facebook's logoff page.

Obviously, this first use of the Facebook logoff page by Bing is designed to bring in new users for Microsoft's search service as a lot of people will be checking it out, and perhaps using it, instead of Bing's biggest rival Google.

Image via TechCrunch

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