bionik's Mantis audio solution for PSVR now available

Over the past few months, bionik, a gaming accessory manufacturer, has been showcasing its latest product, Mantis. The product is an add-on audio solution for Sony's PlayStation VR that gives users an easy way to take in audio when experiencing VR.

If unfamiliar, the PlayStation VR is a virtual reality headset accessory that connects to the PlayStation 4, giving users the ability to experience VR content and games. While audio from a TV is okay, the immersive experience gets a bit better when you use headphones. Unfortunately, the PSVR headset only comes with a set of earbuds.

This is where the Mantis audio solution by bionik comes into play, giving PlayStation VR headset owners a way to have an integrated audio option. The design of the Mantis allows the earphones to clip directly onto the VR headset, making it look like it was originally part of the product. As for comfort, the Mantis has a patent pending design that allows the stalks to rest gently on the player's ears without causing unnecessary discomfort.

The Mantis is now available for $49.99 through the firm's website and can also be purchased through Amazon starting on August 5.

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