Blaze announces portable MegaDrive

New handheld boasts 20 in-built retro classics including Sonic and Knuckles, Shinobi, Ecco the Dolphin and Golden Axe

Gamecheat specialist Blaze has announced a brand new Sega MegaDrive based handheld, which includes 20 16-bit titles built in out of the box.

Due out some time this month, the £29.99 device includes headline titles such as Sonic and Knuckles, Ecco the Dolphin, Golden Axe, Kid Chameleon, Altered Beast, Alex Kidd and Enchanted Castle and Alien Storm. The device will also hook up to TV sets using the included cable.

The firm's press release reads: "Blaze are proud to announce they will be releasing their 16bit Megadrive handheld console in July 2008. The Blaze portable game player will be heading to a store near you from next month, so mums and dads, if you missed playing Sega Megadrive classics such as Sonic and Knuckles, Golden Axe, Shinobi and Ecco the Dolphin, you now have a chance to do so again and all for the price of a single Nintendo DS game."

Source: MCV
View: Blaze website

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