Removes KaZaa

Thanks JZolloXP for the heads up.

It makes me wonder why anyone who is aware of all the spyware, adware, and such being quietly loaded on unsuspecting machines would ever download KaZaa. This is especially true with the recent Brilliant Digital Entertainment scandal where loading KaZaa automatically makes you a part of a distributed computing scheme whose inclusion you never authorized.

But then that is the problem here, most people are not aware. Putting a bad spin on file sharing to make an aggressive buck, KaZaa sells space on YOUR hard drive for those annoying, privacy intruding little programs who wish to use your information and resources to make a buck of their own. We call programs placed on your system without your consent or knowledge viruses.

Distributed computing is OK when you volunteer willingly. Brilliant Digital Entertainment abuses this and should not be allowed to covertly plant their little programs into the drives of the unsuspecting KaZaa users for the privilige of upgrading to the latest version of what is becoming a notorious P2P program.

News source: MP3 newswire - Removes KaZaa

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