What's ID Software up to at E3 2002

id Software's reserving of it's own space at this year's E3 games expo in Los Angeles suggests that the developer is going to roll up its sleeve and reveal a number of spectacular tricks

It's unusual for a developer to reserve its own space at the world's biggest games show; this sort of thing is usually left to the publishers. However, this year Quake crew, id Software, has booked its own area for the venue. This has lead to speculation that the company is going to surprise us by showing a significant number of titles other than the expected Quake IV and Doom 3.

It's a pretty safe bet that Quake IV and Doom 3 on PC will be on display, but it's entirely possible that id Software will use the E3 venue to announce new titles for consoles; maybe, Quake IV and Doom 3 for Xbox? Who knows, perhaps even the GameCube is going to get a look-in!

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