Facebook announces a virtual office experience called Infinite Office

Facebook is letting people working from home experience a virtual office setup. At Facebook Connect, the company introduced Infinite Office, a set of new capabilities designed to provide a more immersive virtual office space through the Oculus Quest.

The new features allow users to adjust the size of the virtual office and work across multiple screens that they can customize. As part of its early experiments, Facebook has combined Infinite Office with Spatial, an augmented reality platform that lets users collaborate with colleagues in a virtual environment. Users have the option to switch between real-world and virtual experiences through the Passthrough mode.

In addition, Facebook tapped Logitech to build a physical keyboard designed to address the challenges associated with text input in virtual reality. The keyboard features a built-in trackpad that can be used in a VR setting.

The Infinite Office capabilities will be rolled out in the winter on the Oculus Quest 2, unveiled earlier today, as part of an experimental release. Facebook also plans to release Passthrough and other technologies to developers in the future.

Source: Oculus (YouTube) via Engadget

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