Firaxis is adding Georgia to Civilization: Rise and Fall expansion 

Sticking to its schedule of one announcement per week, Firaxis has now unveiled Georgia, the country, not the U.S. state, as the newest civilization heading for Civilization VI's upcoming Rise and Fall expansion.

Leading Georgia in the game is Tamar, who arrives with the 'Glory of the World, Kingdom, and Faith' leader ability. Declaring war against a power that has attacked an allied city-state (Protectorate War), will provide Georgia with increased faith for ten turns. Also, this ability doubles all envoys sent to city-states that follow the same religion as Georgia.

Moving on to Georgia's national ability, Strength in Unity, this provides an additional bonus whenever the civilization enters a golden age. Meanwhile, the Tsikhe arrives as the civilization's unique building, replacing the Renaissance Walls. Beyond being cheaper to produce than what they replace, these walls also generate faith.

Lastly, the Georgian unique unit is the Khevsureti. These units completely ignore movement penalties imposed by hills, and to top it off, gain a combat bonus while on them. Essentially, don't try to take on Georgia or its units on hilly landscapes, as it may end badly.

In addition to Georgia and the seven new factions, the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion is ushering in a host of new features, with it slated to land next month on February 8. The expansion is available to pre-order now on Steam for $29.99.

Source: Civilization

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