Google Maps for Android gets updated with better glance information

Google Maps is always evolving to offer more information at a glance. The Android app has now been updated to provide details about local restaurants, live vehicle traffic, and schedules for public transportation.

What you'll notice first about the update is how the bottom bar has been altered and now includes three distinct tabs. The first will grant you access to location-specific information like the weather, restaurant suggestions, and more. The suggestions are not merely detailed with the address and phone number, but also include images, menus, and reviews.

Traffic can become a huge concern if you live in a city that suffers from heavy congestion. Although Google provided live traffic during navigation previously, it has now expanded that feature to a passive driving mode. This means that you can set Maps to show you traffic in the area without the need for a set destination. The menu can also provide you with travel times to and from your workplace if you set up a home and work destination. Lastly, Google has updated its transit menu that will allow users to better schedule their commutes. The new menu now provides access to detailed schedules of local public transportation and an estimated time of arrival using each method of transportation.

Source: Google

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