Gosen: New GBA already underway

According to David Gosen who is a part of Nintendo Europe MD David Gosen, Nintendo is already working on the next iteration of GBA. At the ELSPA Games Summit, Gosen said that Nintendo is reviewing its GBA options and that "New Game Boy iterations are under review right now, before the first DS is sold."

Whether this signals the advent of GBA 2 or further makeovers for the existing GBA SP, no-one knows and Nintendo certainly isn't telling. However, one thing is for certain, Nintendo has always maintained its new DS is not part of the GBA range, so it can't have anything to do with that. It may just be that Nintendo is slyly positioning itself, to see how Sony's PSP performs, before deploying the nuclear option of a GBA 2.

Perhaps some clues can be found in our recent story on Nintendo's trademark frenzy, where it registered nine GB variants as trademarks in Japan. Could one of these nine point the way towards the GBA 2's new title? Again we're in the dark, but as soon as Nintendo switch the light on, you'll be the first to know. Quoted from ComputerandVideogames.com.

News source: Computer And Video Games

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