Half-Life 2 Q&A

For months, September 30, the day when Half-Life 2 was scheduled to ship, stood as a key date in gamers' minds. But last week, Valve confirmed that the highly anticipated action game had been delayed and will ship later this year. Yesterday, Gabe Newell, Valve's founder and managing director, attended ATI's graphics card launch event at the former prison on Alcatraz Island, in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, to endorse ATI's cards and talk about why DirectX 9 is such an important standard for PC game developers.

    GS: Everybody wants to know when Half-Life 2 will be in stores. What can you say about the release date?

    GN: I hate release dates because no matter how hard we try, we screw them up. We held back talking about our release date going into September 30 because I wanted to have a much clearer idea of what day we were going to ship on.

    Right now all we can say is holidays of this year, which to me feels really unfortunate. Our customers really want to know. They say, "Tell us what the date is going to be," and that's what they want to hear. They're fine with what the date is; they just want to know so they can plan accordingly.

    Right now it's for the holidays. I wish we had a clearer date to give people at this time.

News source: GameSpot

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