Intel's 180° turnaround produces Pentium M 745

AS WE [The Inq] EXCLUSIVELY reported here, Intel has its back against the wall fighting the challenges to maintain adequate and affordable thermal control of its processors. And so it's copied AMD's "performance ratings", perhaps hoping against hope no-one remembers it said it never would. Intel's acceptably low fan noise on Pentium Ms has led it to conclude megahurts madness is a thing of the past.

Chipzilla will trot out its embarassing volte face in May for all of its desktop and mobile processors. Intel will no longer use either megahertz or gigahertz to tempt the separation of your hard-earned cash from your wallet. Instead, its plot is to pitch a three-digit model naming scheme that, it hopes, flogs its products on benefits and features, as opposed to the straight MHz message touted before.

So, is this a good thing? Well, first off, we've seen official historical Intel documents that spin against AMD which state "Model Number Assignments are Arbitrary" so is this a 180° turnaround on Intel's earlier position?

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