Iomega begins shipping new FireWire REV drives

Iomega has begun shipping its FireWire REV drives. These drives offer up to 90GB of storage. Along with being eight times faster than tape drives it costs less (somewhere around half the price of average tape drives).

Data storage leader Iomega has begun shipment of its brand new FireWire version of its Iomega REV drive. The new product, the REV 35GB 1394/Firewire drive, allows Mac users a supposedly powerful, high-performance way to back-up there machines or for large, portable file storage. The REV drive was originally launched back in April, and available in USB 2.0 and ATAPI models. The device got praise from the computer industry and press, and was presented with the "Best of CeBIT America" award. SCSI and Serial ATA models are expected to arrive later in the year.

This new FireWire drive comes in a two-tone design – white and light grey, in order to coordinate with the Mac's other products. That ought to keep fashion-conscious computer-yuppies happy, at least. Each REV FireWire drive will come with a Mac-formatted REV disk, so you can get to work straight out of the box. The disk can apparently be "easily reformatted" for PC users.

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News source: The Inquirer

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