iPad is so easy, even your cat can play!

Ever since the first generation iPad was released, the rallying cry has been that it’s so easy, even your kid can use it. While it’s true that the tablet experience is easy to use, is a child really the best test we can come up with for usability? Purina didn’t think so and since there were no cavemen around to test the iPad, the company created three different games under their Friskies brand that your cat can play with instead! The games use HTML5 and work on both the iPad as well as Android tablets.

All three of the games are essentially the same, consisting of shapes floating around the screen. The first, Cat Fishing, displays a fish shape on the screen of the iPad. The cat watches and takes swipes at the virtual fish as they swim around the screen and even dive under water. Wherever the cat’s paw lands causes ripples to form in the simulated water. The other two games, Tasty Treasure Hunt and Party Mix-Up, consist of Friskies treats floating around the screen. In the former, the treats magically disappear into a swirl when your cat successfully paws at the image while in the latter the treats multiply with each touch of the paw.

While some may be concerned about scratching the glass of their tablet, the site says that the company has had no issues with claws on the bare glass. They do warn that add-on plastic film protectors could be damaged but make no mention of whether they will pay to replace a damaged tablet.

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