JPEGView 1.0.37


JPEGView is a viewer/editor for JPEG, BMP, WEBP, PNG, TGA, RAW, GIF and TIFF images. It is designed to view images from digital cameras full screen and with highest quality possible. Basic image editing functionality is provided - allowing to correct typical problems as color cast, high/low contrast and under- or overexposure very quickly and interactively during review of the images. JPEGView does not replace a full blown image editor - such an editor will just be needed less often.

JPEGView supports a good range of file types, including some RAW formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF, WEBP, WDP, HDP, JXR, PEF, DNG, CRW, NEF, CR2, MRW, RW2, ORF, X3F, KDC, NRW, DCR, SR2 and RAF.

There is no installer for JPEGView because none is needed. Just copy or extract all files to a folder on your harddisk (e.g. C:\Program Files\JPEGView\).

JPEGView features:

  • Fullscreen viewing
  • Image centric - nothing else visible by default
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Window mode also supported (Toggle with Ctrl-W)
  • C++/MMX/SSE/AVX2 code
  • 32 bit and 64 bit versions
  • Support for multiple CPU cores to speedup processing
  • Minimal dependencies on external libraries
  • High quality resizing of images
  • Downsampling filter preserves sharpness
  • Bicubic interpolation for upsampling
  • Interactive image processing and improvement
  • Real time and full screen image processing
  • Contrast, Brightness and Saturation adaptation
  • Unsharp masking
  • Cyan-Red, Magenta-Green, Yellow-Blue color balance
  • Local brightness correction to lighten shadows and darken highlights
  • Automatic color and contrast correction
  • Rotation in 90 deg steps
  • Free image rotation for horizon correction
  • Perspective correction
  • Lossless JPEG transformations
  • Crop image (supporting lossless crop for JPEGs)
  • Landscape picture improvement mode
  • Viewing and image processing parameters can be saved per image
  • Image file remains untouched
  • Database entries remain valid when image file is moved or renamed
  • Slide shows and movie playing
  • Plays slide shows given by text file
  • Multiple transition effects for slide shows
  • Plays all images in folder as movie with configurable frame rate.
  • All image processing remains functional while playing.
  • Batch rename and copy
  • Copies and renames files from digicam to target folders
  • Creates target folders as needed
  • Supports various placeholders for renaming files
  • Extensible and highly configurable
  • Allows defining user commands
  • Allows opening images with external applications
  • Allows changing all keyboard shortcuts
  • Plenty of configurable items in the INI file

JPEGView 1.0.37 new features:

  • Support for display of GPS coordinates/altitude of JPEG images
  • Location can be shown on map in browser, use new INI setting 'GPSMapProvider' to configure

Other changes:

  • New INI file setting: MouseWheelZoomSpeed
  • New command in keymap.txt: IDM_TOGGLE_FILL_WITH_CROP_100_PERCENTS
  • %exepath% placeholder can be used in IniEditor setting
  • Reading whole INI file with a single API call
  • Reading ISO EXIF tag 0x8833 that stores high ISO values

Download: JPEGView 1.0.37 | 2.1 MB (Open Source)
View: JPEGView Website

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