LastPass made its own two factor authentication app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

If you care about the security of your online accounts, you probably already know and use multi-factor authentication. Today, LastPass has announced an app called LastPass Authenticator, and the LogMeIn-owned company thinks it'll make two-factor authentication a more user-friendly experience, at least when used with your LastPass account.

Perhaps best known for its password management service and apps, LastPass is well aware of the importance of two-factor authentication, and with the LastPass Authenticator app you can easily set up and use two-factor authentication not only for your LastPass Vault, but also for other services, making the new app your central hub for logins.

Instead of entering your master passcode to access your LastPass Vault, you can now get a simple push notification for quicker access in just one tap. Note that this only works for logging into your LastPass account, with no word yet on whether it will be supported for other services in the future.

LastPass Authenticator also supports the classic 6-digit generated codes and SMS codes, and can set up two-factor authentication for any service that supports Google Authenticator, such as Facebook and DropBox. The app is free and you can grab it from the links below for all three major mobile platforms:

LastPass isn't the only company looking to make two-factor authentication mainstream. Google has its own Authenticator app, and Microsoft is working on a significant update for its own app as well, albeit limited to its own platform as of the time of this writing.

Source: LastPass

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