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Tinder reveals new 'Share my Date' feature to provide date details to friends and family

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Tinder, the online dating platform, has announced a new user safety feature within its app that allows users to add dates to the app and share them with friends and family. The new feature, titled 'Share my Date' is designed so that a single link to a generated page on Tinder's website can be sent as a message, and this can include details such as location, time, date and a photo of the person that the user will be meeting.

According to Tinder, around 51% of users who are under the age of 30 already share full details of any upcoming dates with close friends, while 18% of users share their details with mothers. Tinder's CMO Melissa Hobley had the following to say about this new feature:

"Discussing plans with friends and family is a time-honored dating ritual. Share My Date streamlines this basic info-sharing so singles can jump right to the exciting part, from figuring out what to wear to prepping conversation topics."

Any edits to the information within the page will update the link automatically so that whenever it is viewed, it shows the latest information. These can be set up in the app up to 30 days in advance, and users have no limit to the amount of dates that can be set up using this feature. It's currently planned to roll out in India, the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand over the next few months.

This new feature comes not long after the Australian Government told online dating apps, including Tinder, to improve the safety of users on their platforms or face legislation. These companies have been asked to create a voluntary code of conducts to address these safety concerns, which would include supporting at-risk users and being more transparent about the harms.

Source: Livemint

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