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LinkedIn now second in social networking behind Facebook

The social networking web sites all follow Facebook which isn't likely to give up its number one spot anytime soon. However, there is a lot of competition for the number two slot. Today, TechCrunch reports that LinkedIn, the business-based social networking web site, has now surpassed MySpace to become the second biggest social networking web site in the United States according to date from ComScore.

LinkedIn, which launched its public stock offering this past May, had 33.9 million unique visitors in the month of June. That puts it over MySpace which had 33.5 million unique visitors in the same month. MySpace has been losing visitors for the past few years (it had 34.9 million unique visitors back in May) thanks largely to the rise of Facebook. Last month MySpace was purchased by Specific Media for just $35 million. That group includes pop singer and actor Justin Timberlake among its members. All of these sites are well behind Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg's powerhouse had a whopping 160.8 million unique visitors in June, according to ComScore.

The Twitter web site is gaining more and more visitors with 30.6 million unique visitors recorded in June. That's a huge jump compared to May when it had 27 million unique visitors. That likely means it could also surpass MySpace and maybe LinkedIn before too long. The Tumblr web site isn't doing too badly either: It saw 11.8 million unique visitors show up on its web site in June, compared to 10.7 million unique visitors in May.

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