Matsushita: 1.5 Terabyte Discs

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It is generation optical disc development one after another, such as Matsushita and Osaka University.

Matsushita Electric Industrial, Ricoh, Osaka University, etc. set about development of the optical disc with which capacity will be about 300 times the present DVD (digital busy way disk) with a 1.5 terabyte (Tera is trillion). The technology which makes a record layer a multilayer is established and the movie of 2 hours enables it to record 300. It concludes that it becomes a generation's recording medium one after another, and the utilization around 2010 is aimed at.

Otherwise, a pioneer, Mitsubishi Chemical, Aisin Seiki, Kyushu University, and Shizuoka University participate in development. It tackled completely from the 2004 fiscal year, and 2 billion - 3 billion yen expense is expected in [ of the beginning ] five years.

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