Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Review

Set in occupied Europe during the second world war, you under take the role of Lt. Mike Powel from the American 2nd Rangers. Taking on six intense missions, each with at least three levels, you snipe, fight, and sneak your way deeper into enemy territory.

Based on the Quake III engine, expectations of this game where high, even before the first demo was released. Normal for a big game these days, but have you ever seen so many fan sites for a single game?

Allied Assault was created by 2015, and follows in the line of Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor Underground. Allied Assault is by far the most popular and up to date of the three. With amongst some of the most realistic scene settings and character animations yet, Allied Assault is the future of gaming. Snip from the review:

"If only real life was this detailed and with 1½ gigs of game it shows the guys at 2015 really did their job when they worked on the game. The only problem I found is the fact that the game is really a bit ahead of it's time with graphics. Even on my Geforce 4 MX 440 I had FPS lag. Yes you heard right even on a GF4 I had lag and no it wasn't my CPU or HD. It was my graphics card. The only way I really found of really fixing the problem was to go into the video settings and lower them a few."

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