Microsoft clarifies why Snipp3t is iOS only, breaking existing development molds

Microsoft released an app, not too long ago, called Snipp3t and this app takes celebrity news from Bing and curates it into an easy to read format. In short, it makes following your favorite celebrity news even easier. But, one of the odd aspects of this application is that it is only available on iOS, leaving behind Windows Phone and even Android.

In an effort to clarify why this app is only on iOS, Donald Soon, a program manager who worked on the app, took to Reddit for an AMA where he said that this app came out of a hackathon that was held by Bing. Don't get this confused with the company wide hackathon that was held in late July, the Bing hackathon was a separate event.

If you are wondering why it is only on iOS, Soon stated the following:

Soon said that if the app gets some momentum, they would love to bring it to all platforms but said that the iPhone was the best platform to test market reception for the concept. 

As noted by Soon, Nadella is changing the culture inside of Microsoft and we should expect to see more of these projects surfacing in the near future. So, being on iOS before Windows Phone for small experiments, may not be a one-off experience.

We are still waiting to see too, if Microsoft will show off any of the projects that came out of the company-wide hackathon in July that had over 10,000 participants.

Source: Reddit

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