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Create a full realistic 3D avatar of yourself with Kinect for Windows v2

Microsoft finally began shipping its second-generation Kinect sensor for Windows last month, priced at $199. Just a few weeks on, developers are already beginning to share some of the results of their efforts using the latest Kinect version. 

One such example, highlighted this week by Microsoft, is Mixamo, a 3D animation platform based in San Francisco. Mixamo created Fuse, a 3D modelling software suite that uses Kinect for Windows v2 to take a scan your body, and create a realistic 3D avatar of you on screen - one that actually looks like you. 

This takes avatar creation to a whole new level by scanning a digital version of you, taking advantage of the more advanced sensors - including enhanced depth sensors, and better facial and body tracking - to capture a pretty accurate likeness in decent detail. 

Spot the Mac title bar

If you're not happy with a particular scan - perhaps because the groin on your avatar makes you look like one of Barbie and Ken's playmates - there are certain parameters that you can adjust manually in Fuse, including overall shape, hair style, skin tone, clothing and the like. It is not yet clear if groin customization options are available, so please, don't ask us about these. 

The best part? You can actually export your avatar into certain games, including Team Fortress 2. Maximo is already working to extend support for its avatars across other titles and publishers. Check out the video below for more info: 

(A digital version of) you could soon be the star of your next favorite game - but all this cool stuff doesn't come free. The basic scanning software, Body Snap, is free, but that only gets you a simple 3D model. All the other stuff that turns that 3D 'mannequin' into something a bit more life-like comes with the Fuse software and the Maximo animation platform; a Fuse license can be purchased via Steam for $99. 

Source: Microsoft Kinect for Windows blog via WinBeta

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