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Microsoft launches the experimental Python Editor from Excel Labs

Microsoft python excel

In August, Microsoft announced it was adding support for Python in Excel spreadsheets. Today, the company announced a new extension for that support, with the addition of the experimental Python Editor.

In a blog post, Microsoft says this new Python Editor comes from its Excel Labs division. The idea is that this editor will assist users of Excel to put in longer and more complex code in the spreadsheet and cells. Microsoft stated:

The Python Editor shows Python cells in execution order in addition to the output of each cell’s code, which can help you debug and understand your code. This is useful because Python cells within the Excel grid execute in row major order.

The editor supports many features that are included in Microsoft's Visual Studio Code tool for Python development, including " IntelliSense, formatting, code completion, and syntax highlighting." The editor also lets Python code creators write some code and then they can go ahead and click somewhere else in the Excel app. They can continue coding in the editor until they are satisfied with it, and then apply it in Excel.

The new Python Editor is available with the Excel Labs add-in program. Excel users who don't have that add-in can go ahead and go to Excel's Insert tab and then click on the Get Add-ins option. They can then search for Excel Labs. and once they find it, they can just click on the Add option to installed Excel Labs.

Once that's done they can launch the add-on and click on the Feature Gallery menu option on the top right corner, and then select Python Editor.

Microsoft will also be holding an AMA session on the Excel subreddit on Thursday, September 28. The session will concentrate on answering questions about the new Python support in the app.

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