Microsoft shows off RC1 of IE 8

Microsoft is moving full steam ahead with its newest browser IE 8. In a world once dominated by IE, Microsoft is now finding stiff competition. Firefox and now Chrome are starting to take a serious bite out of Microsoft's market share.

IE 8 which was shown off in its RC 1 flavor and shown to be feature complete. This means that Microsoft has locked down the code to new features and will only focus on refining and polishing its product.

Many of the features that were expected are still present including private mode, enhanced search functions, keyboard navigation and adaptive zoom. A few things were left out that are disappointing include javascript rendering enhancements and CSS compatibility.

The browser is still a solid advancement for the IE platform despite the lack of some features the competitors already incorporate. With the new browser one must wonder if it's too little to late; can this new browser regain the lost market share IE once held?

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