Microsoft's PowerPoint Presentation Translator is generally available

At an event in London today, Microsoft announced that its PowerPoint Presentation Translator is now generally available. Announced back in May at Build 2017, the Garage add-in offers real-time translations for PowerPoint presentations.

Assuming that you're speaking one of the 10 supported languages that's supported by Translator for speech, you'll be able to add subtitles in any of the 60 languages that the service supports for text. The add-in transcribes the spoken words, and then uses that text to translate them into the desired language. Naturally, you can also translate text in presentations.

Presentation Translator also allows audience participation in multiple languages. Presenters can share a QR code or a five-letter conversation code to participate on their own mobile device.

Microsoft announced quite a bit of AI-related news at the event today, such as AI for Earth, which is meant to help "solve global environmental challenges", and the release of a new app called Seeing AI that tells you about the world around you.

PowerPoint Presentation Translator isn't available through the Office Store yet, but you can download it from Microsoft here.

Source: Microsoft via ZDNet

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