Microsoft's Windows business lead on Windows 8 sales: "It's a solid start" [Update]

Microsoft's recently named chief financial officer of its Windows Division , Tami Reller, has given a new interview where she claims that sales of Windows 8 are "solid" while once again adding that there were not enough touchscreen-based PC and tablets to go around during the holiday shopping season. reports that, according to Reller's take on Windows 8 sales, "We are really only just getting started ... It’s a solid start." Microsoft has said it has sold 60 million licenses for Windows 8. She also repeated what she said in November about a lack of touchscreen products from PC OEM companies during the launch period, saying, "It’s built for a generation of new devices ... They didn’t all come for holiday."

With PC sales on the decline, Reller says that Microsoft believes that the touchscreen features of Windows 8 will help the OS break into the tablet market, adding, "Clearly, we think that presents opportunities for growth." Of course, Microsoft launched the Surface tablet, running on Windows RT, at the same time as Windows 8. The Surface Pro tablet, based on Windows 8 Pro, will officially go on sale on Saturday, although you can check it out in some retail stores right now.

Update: In a new chat with, Reller said the rate of Windows 8 sales to OEMs is about the same as the sales rate for Windows 7 during the same time period. She also said that Microsoft is trying to find out why those same OEM makers didn't have enough Windows 8 touchscreen devices on sale for the launch.

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