Mitchell Baker has been named CEO of Mozilla again

Mitchell Baker giving a keynote speech

Mozilla's board of directors has announced that Mitchell Baker is returning as permanent CEO of Mozilla. It comes after the board spent eight months looking for someone to fill the role. Baker previously served as CEO of Mozilla Corporation in 2005 when it was formed, but was replaced by then COO John Lilly in 2008.

According to the firm, Baker became the interim CEO back in December after she took an active role in day-to-day operations. She has been selected for the role due to her “deep understanding” of Mozilla's existing businesses. The board believes this puts her in a good position to “provide direction and support” to take the company forward.

Julia Hanna, Venture Partner at Obvious Ventures, and one of Mozilla Corporation’s board directors said:

“Mitchell is the embodiment and soul of Mozilla, possessing both the aspirational vision and institutional memory of the organization. We are fortunate for her long-standing service, tireless commitment and the stabilizing effect of her presence and leadership, especially at such a critical juncture.”

Baker also has involvement with organisations such as the Oxford Internet Institute, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, ICANN, and the U.S. Department of Commerce Digital Economy Board. Mozilla believes that this gives her the ability to impact the wider internet and also bring insight back into Mozilla to make the business more successful.

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