Neowin makes it into the Windows XP: The Official Magazine

Wow cheers to the people over at Microsoft Windows XP: The Official Magazine. After conversations with our very own Mark (aka Cheekymonkey) we have been included in the UK magazine's September 2002 edition. Here is a snippit of the review from that issue.

There are many amateur sites dedicated to the Windows XP community, and regular forum visitor Mark is proud of this site he helps to moderate...

Thanks for the link, Mark. We like how comprehensive the site is - too much to see in one go - and there's certainly a lot of people on the forums. Some of it is a bit off-topic, such as the joke section, but there are good links to all sorts of downloads for Windows XP and earlier versions.

  • recommended shareware downloads in the right-hand bar.
  • comprehensive drivers and patches list.
  • loads of forums, where readers help each other out.
Can anyone scan the article in and send it to us? I don't have a copy and would make a great addition to this post.

If you came here as a result from reading the article, welcome! feel free to let us know :P and again thanks to all the members that make up this community which continues to get the credit you all so richly deserve!

View: Microsoft Windows XP: The Official Magazine September Issue summary

News source: Microsoft Windows XP: The Official Magazine

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