Neowin updates, info blah blah

Greetability! - Hello, Just an announcement of some changes. :D

Viewability! - We are working on a headline view of Neowin, also a view where you can view all news from all categories on one page. View this here, its not finished yet so some options are not available.

Themeability! - We have also created a Silver theme for the forums along with the default theme with a small font (like the rest of the site) You can select it by going here

Browsability! - Neowin is now fully compatible with Netscape 6.x and Opera. We decided to drop support for Netscape 4.x and lower.

Linkability! - We also have new links up, Freeware section, Shareware section, Drivers section and Tweaks section. The script was created by LORDgreg and enables us to easily update it through an admin. Check them out! (cheers Voodoo for placing the most links..)

Bability! - Thats it for now :cross:

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