New DS Ad Campaign

Nintendo launches its "Touching is good" ad campaign for its upcoming DS handheld, aimed at the older, male demographic.

Do not adjust your TV sets. The sultry voice you hear emanating amid the static heralds Nintendo's massive, multimillion-dollar "Touching is good" campaign to spread the word about the innovative, touch- and dual-screened Nintendo DS. The new hand-held video game and communications system launches Nov. 21, and will be backed by the largest launch program ever for a Nintendo product.

Since childhood, we've been told "please do not touch" - don't touch that lamp, stop touching your food and don't touch anything in this store. Nintendo DS changes those rules. The "Touching is good" multimedia campaign creatively touts the unique features of the dual-screened Nintendo DS, which include a touch screen, a built-in chat function, wireless communication and voice recognition.

News source: GameDAILY

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