nForce 3D Board tour and first look

Thanks M3DZone for the heads up on this link. Nvidia have put up a semi-interactive nForce "3D board tour" of its newest board and the features it has built in.

It requires you to install the "Anark" plugin, which is completely harmless and is needed to see the graphics (which are almost QuicktimeVR like) looks pretty neat!

View: nForce 3D Board Tour

and thanks to BaphomeT for this review of the nForce mobo which is entitled "Nvidia nForce 420 DDR Socket A Chipset First Look" over @ Here is a blurb from that review: "In addition to powerful video integrated into the Northbridge the nForce is also unique due to the integrated 128 bit memory controller and its support of DDR memory. No other Athlon chipset has an integrated memory controller, and no other integrated video Athlon chipset has DDR memory support. Nvidia is able to reach a total of 4.2GB/sec of memory bandwidth due to their TwinBank memory architecture.'

View: Nvidia nForce 420 DDR Socket A Chipset First Look

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