ObjectBar 2 RCs begin

Back when new skinnable programs were coming out seemingly every week from different developers, one popular trend were the programs that let users customize the look and feel of the Windows shell.

That's where shell replacements like Litestep, Hoverdesk, Talisman and others became popular. In this same period, Stardock developed ObjectBar, a program that didn't replace Explorer but rather made it so users could create their own bars, wharfs, docks, etc. for it.

It's been popularly used to re-create the MacOS Finder on Windows since it has both the ability to be skinned and can inherit the active program;s menu bar (stripping the menu bar out of the program).

For ObjectBar 2, Stardock is taking some cues from what's been happening in the widget world. For one thing, ObjectBar 2 supports embedding DesktopX widgets as part of the bar. Secondly, users can take the bars, wharfs, docks, etc. that they create and export them as .EXEs which include a simplified configuration interface for others to use.

Check out the whole thing below to get more details..

View: ObjectBar 2 Details

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