Oh là là! Angry customer at Apple Store in France smashes devices worth thousands of dollars

A customer at an Apple Store in Dijon, France went on a destructive rampage after an apparent disagreement with store staff.

The incident was captured in a series of videos, in which the man can be heard shouting about his rights as a consumer. According to Business Insider, his displeasure arose from an alleged 'repayment issue', but some reports suggest that there was a dispute over Apple's warranty cover for his device.

As the videos show, the man casually walked around the store, removing devices from their display stands, and smashing them with a boule, a heavy steel ball used in a popular French game, in which larger balls are rolled or thrown as close as possible towards a smaller ball.

The man can be seen smashing numerous iPhones and at least one MacBook, causing thousands of dollars' worth of damage. It's believed that he also destroyed further devices that weren't caught on camera.

It appears that staff at the store evacuated other shoppers for their safety as the man continued his destructive spree, until security staff from the mall in which the store is located were able to attend.

The man is also seen attempting to escape from the security officers, unsuccessfully. According to Le Parisien, he was later handed over to the local police force, which has opened an investigation into the incident.

Source: Business Insider / Le Parisien | Videos via 'kekess _______' (YouTube)

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