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Possible Jedi Knight game in the works

A number of reports are claiming that Activision, in a recent Earnings Call conference, has announced that another title in the Jedi Knight first-person shooter series is in the pipeline. The as-yet-unnamed game is apparently due for release in late 2003/early 2004.

Not surprisingly, there are zero details on how the new Jedi Knight title will take shape. Will it be Jedi Outcast II? Will it be a follow-up to Dark Forces or to the main Jedi Knight trunk? And will it be multi-format? Well, there's no answer to these questions.

Despite its refusal to shed light on the Jedi Knight situation, Activision's statement focus of "We have no further information... other than what was stated in the Earnings Call itself" should still have you excited.

Why? Well, in Activision's Earnings Call conference, brief mention was made of a PC game from Infinity Ward, the development studio set up by ex-2015 employees who worked on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Hell knows what it is, but if MoH: AA is anything to go by it should be a corker. Of course, it could be the discussed Jedi Knight title, but that's purely speculation.

News source: ComputerAndVideo.com

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