Psyonix working on implementing cross-platform parties for Rocket League

Psyonix unveiled the Rocket League Autumn Update today, which will bring along the usual array of new content that the studio is known for, including a new arena, the Jäger 619 RS Battle-Car, as well as some highly requested features by the community such as transparent goal posts, LAN support for PC, AI camera improvements, and more.

Meanwhile, the studio also went ahead and unveiled some interesting projects that it is working on implementing to the game following the Autumn Update.

One of these features is a brand new 'PsyNet' party system that Psyonix is building "directly into Rocket League". According to the studio, this is the "first step in enabling the possibility of supporting cross-platform parties," and it will replace the current party systems in place that use Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

The developer will begin testing the new party system on PC later in the year as a first step in the process and promised more information on the feature as it gets closer to launch.

Next, the game is receiving a tournament system that is also planned to debut on PC before the new year. This Tournaments Beta will allow players of all skill ranges to host in-game tournaments without the need even to leave the client. Once again, exact details are scarce, but the developer will specify how the beta will function nearer to release.

As to why these two features are only being tested on the PC version, the developer elaborated by saying, "it's because Steam allows us to make changes and collect performance feedback more rapidly than any other platform."

Psyonix also shared some more information regarding the new Events system that will be arriving in the Autumn Update. Players participating in these limited-time events will get the chance to get 'Decryptors' as free drops, which allow cosmetic item crates to be opened without the need of a key purchased via the store.

Rocket League's Autumn Update will be available on September 28, with the full list of contents available to read on the new reveal page here. Keep in mind that the new Psynet party system and Tournaments are not included in the Autumn Update, with their testing phases beginning later this year.

Source: Rocket League

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