Rainbow Six Vegas 1.03 PC Patch Released!

Thanks to Bluesnews for the heads up on this one.

As promised earlier today, the Rainbow Six Vegas patch which brings the PC game to version 1.03 has been released. The biggest change for the patch is the addition (finally) of Punkbuster support to the game. Of course there are the usual bug fixes and what not. Here is the complete (as far as I know) changelog for the 1.03 PC patch:

  • Enabled PunkBuster support.
  • Fixed the game session creation bug (network failed to initialize) when using HTTP proxies (like Norton Personal Firewall) by using a different destination port.
  • Fixed a dedicated LAN crash.
  • Fixed the server listing that was capped.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented picking up weapons when taking a dropped weapon from somebody who was in zoom mode when killed.
  • Fixed the secondary console that was assigned to the quote character by default.
  • Fixed the radar jammer sound that stays even after death.
  • Fixed the floating C4 explosive and motion sensor floating when put on breakable items.
  • Fixed the menu problem when mapping the [End] key.
  • Fixed the chat so that it does not trigger actions when typing.
  • Fixed a problem after picking-up a weapon on the ground equipped with laser beam.
  • Fixed the canister that resets in Retrieval when the carrier is killed while taking cover.
  • Fixed a Retrieval mode bug that caused a 2nd match from having no reachable canister.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user to lose his weapon without picking-up the one on the ground.
  • Fixed some incorrect mapping messages.
  • Added a check to warn the user if an instance of the game is already running.
The patch clocks in at about 85 megs. I have no information on any upcoming Xbox 360 patch, though one must assume Ubisoft/Red Storm must be working on one by now. Along with additional content I'm sure. Speaking of which, where are my extra maps for the PC version Red Storm! So there you have it folks, enjoy the patch. Hopefully more people will log on and play some multiplayer now!

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