Reddit mobile app gets new functionality and mod tools

Reddit is a destination for just about any topic, and because of that, many users like to use the mobile app to stay up-to-date on all the different things percolating on the site. Which means that a new mobile update for the app on iOS and Android will be a welcome addition for fans, especially with all the new functionality.

The update, detailed on the official Reddit blog, details some new features that mimic popular options on the main website, especially for moderators. New mod tools will make it easier for mods to approve and remove content, and the ability to add new moderators quickly for those subreddits that are growing fast.

Other new features include:

  • Theater mode for viewing images and videos
  • Live commenting on iOS for quicker real-time posting while watching things like football or TV shows.
  • Safari support in iOS, rather than just support for the in-app browser.
  • The ability to modify flair
  • Speed read ability in Android, allowing users to move quickly between top-level comments. The functionality was already available on iOS.
  • In-feed user names for original posters for shared and cross-thread posts.
  • Support for trophies and Cake Day.

In addition, the app recently added iOS chat functionality in beta. Users can opt-in to the beta and then providing feedback.

The site promises more app updates in the coming months, but there should be plenty here for users to test and play with until another update rolls out.

Reddit rolled out iOS and Android apps for the site back in 2015, and has been slowly building on them ever since.

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