Rumor: New screen sizes, specs coming to Windows Phones

A new rumor has surfaced thanks to reliable Twitter user @MS_nerd (via WPCentral) that indicates new display sizes are on the way for Windows Phones. These new sizes include 480 x 320 BlackBerry-style displays on Windows Phone Chassis 2, and 1280 x 720 HD displays (as seen on the Galaxy Nexus) on Chassis 3. Currently we are on Chassis 1.5 with 480 x 800 displays.

MS_nerd indicates that Chassis 2 with the BlackBerry-size display will come with the low-end improvement update "Tango". Of course, recently BlackBerry and HP haven’t had much success with this form factor (their market share is constantly slipping), so will this design really work to improve Windows Phone sales? On the positive side, Tango is said to bring support for LTE 4G technology.

Chassis 3 is where it starts to get good. While these devices are rumoured not to be coming until Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” in 2012, they will hopefully come with 1280 x 720 high density HD displays. Rumoured to go alongside the improved display resolution are dual-core processors, which currently power top-end Android and iOS devices.

It’s disappointing to hear that Microsoft will only be including dual-cores and high resolution displays in an update that is far down the track, however every step towards more powerful phones is a step in the right direction.

Finally, MS_nerd mentions NVIDIA Tegra and TI OMAP processors are targeted for support in “Win9”. This is possibly an indication of a merge between desktop Windows and mobile Windows Phone in Windows 9; they are just rumors, though.

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