Stanford getting Google broadband; Google Fiber communities still coming

Google has announced plans to build an ultra-high speed broadband network at Stanford University’s Residential subdivision. The faculty holds just over 850 staff on the grounds around it and they will have access to some blazingly fast speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, something many of us can just dream of.

Despite a lot of Internet chatter today, Google has made it very clear that this trial will differ from the community selection process that they announced in February this year that will make use of Google Fiber. That announcement has Google hoping to reach between 50,000 and 500,000 people in a selected build location, much larger than the Stanford Facility grounds hold. Over 600 communities have applied to be one of the first to test the Fiber network.

Google stated that the decision to build at Stanford was due to the openness of the university as they are allowing them to test out new fiber technologies across their streets. They also said that the area is best suited to beta testing, as there are a small number of homes very close to Google headquarters

This is great news for speed enthusiasts hoping to get much faster upload and download speeds in the future, knowing that companies like Google are pushing the envelope compared to many other broadband companies.

Work on the ultra-high speed network will begin early next year.

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