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Android 15's Notification Cooldown will help reduce vibrations for successive notifications

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Google seems to have been working on an updated 'Notification Cooldown' feature that has been spotted in the latest Android 15 Beta 1.2, which has some extra powers to help limit distractions. Notably, when the Notification Cooldown feature was enabled, which rolled out with the Android 15 first developer preview, it gradually lowered the notification volume for successive notifications from the same app.

Now, digging through the latest Android 15 Beta 1.2, Mishaal Rahman has spotted a new setting that Google hid from its users in the Android 15 Beta 1 update. Notably, when heading over to Settings > Notifications > Notification Cooldown, Mishaal was able to bring back a page that was previously not present called 'vibrate when unlocked'.

According to the description, if this 'vibrate when unlocked' toggle is enabled, the phone will "only vibrate when [the] screen is unlocked." In simple words, when you turn on this feature, your phone will not vibrate like crazy when you receive multiple notifications from the same app.

The 'vibrate when unlocked' feature is disabled by default but is quite easy to enable. If you are worried about your phone vibrating like crazy when you receive multiple notifications from your WhatsApp group, you can enable this feature.

Android 15 beta 12 notification cooldown

If you don't want to miss out on any notifications, you can leave the 'vibrate when unlocked' and the 'Notification Cooldown' feature disabled. You can also control the notification by changing the default 'apply cooldown to all notifications' to 'apply cooldown to conversations' so you don't miss out on important conversations.

As noted by Mishaal (via Android Authority), the feature, which Google hid in the Android 15 Beta 1 update, could make a return in future updates, perhaps in next month's Android 15 Beta 2 release. There are chances that Google might scrap this feature entirely.

Interestingly, the codes for the 'Notification Cooldown' feature were available on AOSP, this feature could make its way to non-Pixel devices as soon as they receive their Android 15 update. Another nifty feature that would let you force dark mode on apps that don't support dark mode natively was spotted in the Android 15 beta update.

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