SwiftKey for Android now offers custom resizing options

Microsoft has updated its SwiftKey keyboard app for Android devices with a significant improvement to the resize options. Up until now, the keyboard has provided five different sizes to choose from, but with the latest update, the possibilities are almost endless.

Now, instead of being given a specific size choice, you can manually resize not just the height of the keyboard area, but also the width, so you can bring the keys closer to each other and have them on either side of the screen for easier one-handed use. You can also move the keyboard around as you please, though you'll need to keep it in the bottom half of the screen - not that you should have any reason to do otherwise.

Over the past year or so, SwiftKey has grown to become much faster and lighter on resources, while picking up new features along the way. Recently, after introducing a search feature into the keyboard, Microsoft started allowing users to use Google Search instead of Bing, too. SwiftKey is also one of the Microsoft apps that have been spotted with a new icon following the announcement of new Office icons last year.

If you haven't yet, you can get SwiftKey for Android from the Play Store, or grab the beta version if you want to get access to new features more quickly. There's also an iOS version of the app, but it hasn't received as much attention as of late.

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