Tribes: Ascend adds two new maps and more

Hi-Rez Studios continues to add content to its free-to-play multiplayer shooter Tribes: Ascend. A few days ago, the developer released its latest content update, which adds two more maps to the game. By far the highlight of the update is the addition of the Stonehenge map.

This Capture the Flag map is in fact a remake of the Stonehenge map from the original Starsiege: Tribes game. This new map is available for Custom Servers only at the moment but will be put into the QuickPlay rotation when it comes out of its beta state. Also included in this update is an all new Team Deathmatch map titled Miasma. This is a forest-style level, complete with what looks like glowing firefly insects in some parts of the maps.

There's also some changes to Tribes: Ascend's spectator mode. The new feature allows spectating players to "lock to player view" and see exactly what the player you are checking out is seeing. It will have both third and first-person viewpoints.

The new update also adds some new game balance and weapons changes to the game along with some bug fixes and some changes for what has been called "rock-bouncing" in the Tribes: Ascend community.

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