UN backs green web TV

The world's first online 'green' television channel has gone live with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) behind it.

Green.tv is aimed solely at tackling environmental issues and hopes to become the web's definitive resource for films with an environmental agenda. The project's captain, Ade Thomas, has directed and produced environmental films in the past and he and his team have been working fervently on the project since September 2005.

The internet's green guru said: "Green.tv will be a kind of green Google for green films."

"I'd always wanted to see the internet used as a new form of television and in the service of environmental issues. I was just waiting for broadband to take off and, in 2005, it really did," he blogged.

Eric Falt, director of UNEP's Division of Communications and Public Information said: "It will eventually offer a comprehensive 'one stop shop' for environmental TV programming-something that has so far not been available.

"Green.tv has the potential to become a broadband reference point or benchmark in this field."

The team also have a high-flying podcast and a deal with Apple to promote the green films via their iTunes service.

The channel will screen films from all over the world and the only criteria required is a passion for the environment, so if you're feeling green - why not give it a go?

View: Green.tv
View: United Nations Environment Programme

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