US Government warned against promoting Open Source

A group comprising some of the most adamant opponents of open-source has told the US government that promoting software such as Linux is a mistake.

Unsurprisingly the group involves Microsoft, Cisco and Intel and it goes under the name of the Initiative for Software Choice. The group is chaired by CompTIA which has very close links to Microsoft, and they claim that the view of proprietary software being inherently more insecure is wrong and that their software can be safely deployed on mission critical systems.

The initiative have stated that "While the law on this matter remains untested, it makes sense for companies to be highly risk-averse in this area, striking a more defensive posture when confronted with software development that may implicate GPL code or similar coding environments". This follows the labelling of open-source as a "threat" by Microsoft and the statements have been made in the light of countries such as Germany and France openly promoting open-source.

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