Neowin: He's got a little black book with his Poems in

Well it's starting to look like we are reeping the benefits of a trouble-free server setup, the hosts Invision Power Services actually manage the server and do stuff when it doesn't do what it's supposed to. We haven't felt as comfortable here as we have for a while so it has allowed us to start looking at Neowin's code again. Some members may of seen some changes taking place recently, enhancements here and there.

I thought I'd share the more recent ones here. We finally went through all the news logos (more than 500) and Xpfreak replaced more than half of what we kept (about 300) we have a script that manages this now built by our saviour and Floppy Disk Drive delivery man Redmak, hehe. This is why some members may of experienced all the news posts "losing their logos" a couple of days ago. We have also sorted out the comments page, made it more streamlined by removing the PM notification (thats on the main page anyway, so..) and the textareas for search and newsjump are suited to ibf and XP visual styles, the "Submit" button disables now after posting a comment, this is more of a consistency update to merge the ibf and Neowin main general features. Link color fading was added but is very subtle to the eyes (from dark [color] to black)

If you guys want to check out the comments page and the submit button (don't spam please) ;) maybe you can answer me where the title text is from "He's got a little black book with his Poems in" Clue: It's from a film and album by the same name

Again thanks for your support of Neowin, we appreciate it

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