Verizon announces a third, more expensive fake unlimited plan

Today, Verizon announced its third unlimited data plan. As you can probably tell from the fact that there are three tiers, none of them are actually unlimited. In fact, all of the carriers that offer unlimited plans throttle your speeds after a certain point.

This one is called Above Unlimited, and it offers the hefty data cap of 75GB, also offering 720p streaming, 20GB of 4G LTE hotspot usage, and 500GB of Verizon Cloud. The new plan will cost you $95 per month, or $90 per line at two lines, $70 per line with three, or $60 per line with four or more.

For $10 less, there's the mid-tier Beyond Unlimited plan, with 22GB of 4G LTE data, HD streaming, and 15GB of hotspot usage. And for $10 less than that, there doesn't appear to be a data cap, streaming is limited to 480p, and mobile hotspot is limited to 600kbps.

Moreover, you can also mix and match the plans to meet the needs of your family. For example, one person can use Go Unlimited if they don't stream a lot of video and they don't use mobile hotspot, and the power user in the family can get Above Unlimited.

Source: CNET

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