Web site censored over pictures of traffic wardens

Traffic wardens in Canterbury, Kent say they have been "harassed, alarmed and distressed" by a Web site lampooning their activities.

Local residents set up the site Canterbury Parking Clowns to protest at the parking policies of Canterbury City Council and its "over zealous [traffic] wardens".

However, the site featured pictures of the traffic wardens at work, which proved too much for the council. When it complained to site host Freeserve, the giant ISP wrote to those behind Canterbury Parking Clowns and told them that, because of concerns about libel action, it would suspend the site on Friday July 5 unless the offending pictures were removed.

The site - which includes a story about how a nurse received a parking ticket as she attended a nearby car accident - was relocated to a new site here

News source: The Reg

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